Щотижнева газета "33 канал" (м. Вінниця, Україна)
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— the most popular in our region
(92 500/week, 24 pages A3)

+380 432 515-226, 43-57-88

As it saw its readers in August 1991, there were just a few who believed that the paper could survive the economic problems that hit the emerging democratic state. It was hardly believed but in two and a half years and a half that followed that the paper had been rated the highest in Vinnitsa region with the biggest circulation. The 24 pages newspaper has increased its circulation up to 91 thousand copies. The size of the paper is A3, multicolour, offset printing, computerized design.

The paper covers various aspects of social life and activity including politics, economy, culture, criminal issues, scandals, etc. It also contains news on what is happening in the youth world in Ukraine. We serve to inform our readers rather than advertise. The professional approach, independent point of view on what is happening around captivate and draw the fans and readers in. There always is readers' feedback that can be found on our pages. Our title is "33" that symbolizes truth reality, independent view. We aim at serving the truth. This makes our paper readable, popular and worth reading of.

Although we publish many ads, but it is not what we are here for. It is here to give a political, social and analytical feedback in the news. The ads cover no more than 50% of space that makes up to 12 pages. We work together with well-known advertising firms from other regions. Personal ads are accepted from all residents of the region. We have also built up ties with some foreign newspapers and ad agencies.

We are looking forward to co-operate with all reliable and prospective partners so that we can continue co-operating in the future.

Украинский центр Интернет-рекламы "ECHO"

25, Khmelnitskoe shosse, Vinnitsa, Ukraine 287100
Tel. +380 432 53 0501, 53 1715, 53 1718
E-mail: chanel33@vinnitsa.com

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